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The KēZ Plug and Play Adaptor

Includes the ability to gain access to your car using your smart phone, share your keys electronically and detect and record smoking in your car.

KeyFree Technologies Inc. has developed the KēZ adaptor (patent pending) that fits into the OBD port of all motor cars built since 1996.

For those motor cars that require additional hardwired harness installation manual will be included.

The KēZ app is easily downloaded to either Android or IOS smart phones. Over-the air software updates can be easily made to the app. All information is saved on the Kēz server which is cloud based.

The KēZ has been designed to carry out the following functions:

Vehicle Access 100%
Electronic Key Sharing 100%
Electronic Trunk Access 100%
Smoke detection within the vehicle 100%
Battery evaluation 100%
Additional Security for the vehicle 100%
Assist in corrosion protection for the vehicle 100%
Speed control and log 100%
Mileage/Kilometer log 100%

All Kēz systems are fully digitally controlled using state of the art microprocessor technology with security features to the highest level.

Protection & Peace of Mind

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