What is a smart device? — The key concept of the Internet of Things

Smart devices play a fundamental role in today’s Industry 4.0. They are at the center of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities. Smart devices were the center of my PhD investigation a few years ago. However, when I was trying to find a definition for smart devices, not many sources showed up.

I could only find one Wikipedia article with a not certain definition. I resorted to creating a definition for a smart device. I create a methodological and replicable approach for developing a scalable concept of smart device, ending up with the following definition:

“ A smart device is a context-aware electronic device capable of performing autonomous computing and connecting to other devices wire or wirelessly for data exchange

This definition proposed that a smart device has three main features, namely, context-awareness, autonomous computing, and connectivity. This definition complies with the main idea of the IoT which is that Any “thing” can be part of the IoT. A chair can become a smart chair if we add a sensor, a tiny bit of computing capabilities and network connectivity.

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